The Perfect False Ceiling Fans for 2×2 Ceiling.

Fan Pro Energy Saving False Ceiling Fan 14″ 2×2 Super Slim was specifically designed for suspended ceilings. This fan is a unique alternative to a conventional “down-road hanging” ceiling fans. The Top Air False Ceiling Fan is designed to fit into standard 24×24 suspended ceilings framework.

Unlike conventional ceiling fans, false ceiling fans can be quickly installed – to mount, simply remove existing tile and drop the new Top Air False Ceiling Fan into the 24×24 grid frame. It can also be installed over Gypsum & Grid Type Ceiling.

Today, false ceiling fans are become very popular among offices, banks, business centers, hospitals, school, etc. and it is being recommended by Architects, Interior Designers & Consultants for modern outlook and aesthetic appeal.

False Ceiling Fans are Energy Saving and save electricity bill up to 60%. It eliminates the in-consistence indoor temperature to various locations and helps tune up the temperature of air-conditioner setting to save energy.

False Ceiling Fan
Cassette Type Ceiling Fan
False Ceiling Fans 18"
FanPro False Ceiling Fan 18 inch
False Ceiling Fan in Pakistan

False Ceiling Fan in Pakistan

The Perfect Ceiling Fan for 2×2 Ceiling.
Super Slim
Thin Only 70 mm

Fan Pro Ceiling Tile Fan
Obsolete Wall Fan
Obsolete Louver Fan
Obsolete Circomatic Fan
Old Fashion Ceiling Tile Fan

Old & Obsolete Fans VS Innovative False Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Tile Fan Pro
Cassette Type Ceiling Fan
False Ceiling Fan 18"
False Ceiling Fan 14"
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